CST up sponsorship of Trips for Kids

Down economy prompts additional support from tire manufacturers

CST upped its 2011 sponsorship of Trips for Kids to $7,500

Bicycle tire makers CST have made a US$7,500 donation to ensure that the wheels of Trips for Kids keep turning this year. The not-for-profit organization was set up to introduce at-risk youth to mountain biking.


“The $7,500 CST sponsorship was a cash donation that will primarily support the ongoing needs of existing Trip for Kids chapters,” Maura Lansford, Trips for Kids’ spokesperson, told BikeRadar.

“These needs vary from year to year and by chapter. However, common uses of the funds include creating training resources and obtaining cycling equipment for use in planning and taking youth on mountain bike rides.”

Trips for Kids supports 70 chapters across North America. Lansford said some of the money might be used to help set up new chapters. “Expanding its number of chapters will help fulfill Trips for Kids’ goal to serve more at-risk youth nationally,” said Lansford.

CST have supported Trips for Kids since 2001 and this is the second year in a row that the company have increased their support, noting that the difficult economic times make it all the more crucial for them to help ensure that the kids will continue to ride.


“We’re looking forward to continuing our partnership with Trips for Kids in 2011,” said Jennifer Biggers, assistant manager of the specialty division at CST-USA. “Their organization is essential to the future of our cycling community.”