CTC launch Crash Kit App

App captures crash details to help victims seek justice

The CTC have launched an Crash Kit app to help cyclists record key details if they decide to fight for justice in the courts

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Cycling charity the CTC has launched a new iPhone app to help bike crash victims record vital legal details of the incident. It could help them if they end up taking their case to court.

The CTC Crash Kit app has fields to record, time of incident, weather conditions, witness contact details, vehicle details, weather conditions, photos of the scene and equipment damage and early injury details.

Once the incident is recorded the file is sent directly to the CTC’s lawyers who will assess the case.

CTC say they developed the app to help make roads safer by urging the justice system to take a tougher approach to bad driving.  

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Download the Crash Kit App from iTunes. An Android version is in development and will be released in early 2014.