Cube 2014 mountain bikes – Eurobike 2013

New 650b and electric off-road models

German manufacturers Cube have used Eurobike 2013 to lift the lid on their extensive 2014 mountain bike range. The lineup covers all major disciplines, with many models now available in both 650b (27.5in) and 29er versions. 

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Cube have also invested heavily in electric-assist mountain bikes, and will offer hardtail and full-suspension e-bikes in a choice of 650b or 29er wheel sizes. As for 26in wheels, they remain only on Cube’s aging long travel freeride and downhill models.

Cube 2014 mountain bikes at eurobike 2013

Video: Cube 2014 mountain bikes at Eurobike


The 2014 Cube Stereo is now available in three variants – a new 120mm 29er version, a 140mm 29er and a 160mm 650b model. All three models use a similar carbon frame and are available in several builds. 

The new cube stereo 160 super hpc slt 27.5 looks set to be an enduro weapon:
Oli Woodman/Future Publishing
The new Cube Stereo 160 Super HPC SLT 27.5 looks set to be an enduro weapon

Traditionally known as an all-mountain bike, the Stereo now looks set to be a popular choice for enduro riders. Prices for complete builds will start at €2,599 and top out at €6,999 (UK pricing TBA).


New for 2014 is the Sting, an aluminium, full-suspension 29er trail bike that’s easier on the wallet than Cube’s carbon offerings. There are two 120mm travel versions and one 140mm model. The most affordable Sting starts at just €1,499 (UK pricing TBA).


The 2014 Fritzz has been designed specifically for enduro racing and is available in 160mm and 180mm travel versions, the former using 650b hoops while the latter rolls on 26in wheels. The most affordable 160mm version will be available for €1,999; the cheapest 180mm bike (shown above) is €2,999 (again, UK pricing TBA).


The AMS range has been extended with the addition of 650b models for 2014. Spliced into the already extensive 2013 range are the new AMS 130 and AMS 150. The AMS 100 and AMS 120 models will remain as 29ers but you’ll no longer be able to buy a 26in-wheeled AMS – Cube have ditched the smaller wheels. Pricing is to be confirmed.

Two 15 

Cube’s downhill bike has seen some aesthetic tweaks for 2014, but little more. The Two 15 still rolls on 26in wheels – it seems the longest travel bikes in the Cube range have avoided the 650b treatment so far. It’s available in two builds that cost €3,499 and €4,999 respectively.

The two 15 26 downhill bike has been aesthetically tweaked for 2014:
Oli Woodman/Future Publishing
The Two 15’s new 2014 look


The 190mm Hanzz has a similar story to the Two 15, with new paint and specs being the only real changes for 2014. The Hanzz will be sold in two builds, the €1,999 Pro 26 and less wallet friendly SL 26 (€3,499). UK pricing is TBA.

Stereo and Reaction hybrid e-bikes

Cube’s hybrid e-bike range is a collection of specially reworked pedal-powered models that now house Bosch electric motors with built-in gearboxes.

The Stereo Hybrid 120 is, as the name suggests, based on the 120mm Stereo 29er, while its 140mm travel sister has 650b wheels. Each frame has been designed to accommodate the powerpack and motor/gearbox assembly of the Bosch drivetrain.

Power is adjusted via a handlebar-mounted head unit, and there’s even a turbo mode. But with nearly all of the bikes weighing more than 20kg, be sure to have plenty of charge in those batteries. The Stereo hybrid range starts at €3,299 (UK pricing to be announced).

The bosch 250 watt motor used in the new cube e-bikes uses its own gearbox: the bosch 250 watt motor used in the new cube e-bikes uses its own gearbox
Oli Woodman/Future Publishing

The Bosch 250 watt motor used in the new Cube e-bikes uses its own gearbox

The hardtail version comes in the form of the Reaction Hybrid, which uses 29er wheels and is available in three specs starting at €1,999 (UK pricing TBA).

We aren’t quite convinced by these bikes yet; we quite like to pedal… But there’s no denying that these machines are gaining in popularity, and perhaps Cube’s investment will pay off.

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