Cube reveals extreme-looking C:68 time trial bike prototype

Stealth bomber-styled bike wants to infiltrate your KOM list

Cube claims that it has created the fasted triathlon time-trial bike in the world with its updated C:68 time trial bike.

It’s plausible that the profile of this bike could be mistaken for a B-2 bomber at a distance

Developed in conjunction with Swiss Side, an aerodynamics specialist with over 50 years experience in Formula 1 racing, the prototype bike is the culmination of two years of design and testing.

The bike was developed in conjunction with Swiss aerodynamic specialists, Swiss Side

The vast sculpted seat tube hugs the rear wheel while the massive, boxy bottom bracket area flows smoothly into the aggressively dropped chain and seatstays, making for a very slippery looking bike.

Up front there is a mysterious gap just behind the highly integrated head tube area, placed there presumably in the name of aerodynamics. This looks very similar to what Ridley does with its Noah SL forks.

Outfitted with the slightly clunky named Swiss Side Hadron Ultimate 800+ aero wheels, it’s claimed that the wheels saved Andreas Raelert — second place finisher at last year’s Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii — 10 minutes over the 180km course.  

Final details on the bike are still scarce, but for now we can indulge in ogling at this odd looking, fighter jet of a bike. Being generous, we would describe the aesthetics of the bike as… purposeful.

That is one mean looking bike

2017 looks set to be the year of extreme looking time trial bikes, and which claim to be ‘the fastest ever’. While this bike doesn’t have a dot visually on the Diamondback Andean we featured previously, this is still a pretty impressive looking speed machine.