Cube’s new Aerium C:68 time trial bike features previously illegal aero tech

New time trial bike to be raced by Wanty-Groupe Gelbert at 2018 TdF

Cube recently launched its Aerium C:68 time trial bike, which — thanks to the softening of the UCI’s stance on aero shaping — takes a number of previously non-compliant design features from the brand’s longstanding Aerium Triathlon bike.


Most notably, the bike features Cube’s Twin Head tube, which is a small section of tubing that sits just behind the head tube, with a small gap between the two. This is said to result in a reduction of air resistance, improve the sail effect and reduce side wind pressure.

Taking further advantage of technology recently adopted by the UCI, the new Aerium TT C:68 is a disc-only bike. As well as presenting an improvement to braking power, the adoption of discs is also said to have allowed Cube to optimise the aero profile of the bike around the head tube.

Rim brakes can be notoriously vague (or just plain bad) on TT bikes, so we personally welcome the arrival of discs.

The bike appears to have a new custom cockpit

There aren’t many details on the new bike out there yet, but it appears the bike also features a new custom cockpit that neatly integrates into the front end of the bike.

The new bike is due to be raced by Wanty-Groupe Gobert (which has secured a spot in this year’s edition of the Tour de France as a wildcard team) this season.


Pricing, builds, specs and availability are all TBA.