Cuore offers custom leg lengths on bib shorts

Tailored option normally reserved for custom kits available for stock bibs

Cuore is offering leg-length adjustment on the Swiss Classic bib shorts and shorts through February 21

Wish the legs on your bib shorts were just a little longer? Or maybe just a bit shorter? Swiss apparel company Cuore of Switzerland can help with that.


For a limited time, Cuore is offering custom length adjustments for its Swiss Classic line of Silver Bib Shorts and Shorts.

 You can order the custom-length bib shorts and shorts on the Cuore of Switzerland USA web shop. After picking the size, you can then lengthen or shorten the inseam in 2cm increments.

Cuore has offered this type of tailoring for its custom team orders. This adjustment to stock Swiss Class bibs and shorts is only available through February 21.

“Not all riders are built the same, and this is a great opportunity for individuals to adjust the leg length for the perfect-fitting cycling bibs and shorts,” said Cuore’s Scott Tietzel. “We hope that riders who have struggled to get a good off-the-rack fit will be able to find their perfect fit with our unique approach.”


 The inseam length adjustment options are +/- 2cm, +/- 4cm and + 6cm.