Curtis Taiwanese shipment lands

MX 24 - the affordable 4in steel frame

Curtis bikes make some of the nicest frames we’ve ever seen- each is lovingly crafted from T45 tubing and use various other materials including the nearly indestructable EN16 – which takes 72tonnes of pressure to distort.


Sadly, Gary Woodhouse is working flat out just getting Curtis frames built- remember that they’re made by one man in a workshop by hand. Each tubing join is hand mitred, filed and finished, and each beautiful weld is fillet brazed- which is why it’s such a labour intensive job. Because of this, Curtis simply haven’t been able to make enough dosh as they can’t make the frames fast enough.

So Gary had a brainwave…
What if not everyone wanted to pay for a £500, handbuilt frame? Some people want a bike, cheaper- and now. So investigating the current trend for high quality Taiwanese made frames, Gary decided offering a cheaper, Taiwanese frame- as long as the quality matched up to- could be just the ticket.

After trips to Taiwan and various samples being made, Gary was staggered at the quality they could offer- and so the first sample landed on our desk. At a glance, you’d be hard pushed to notice the difference between it and a hand made frame.

Of course the beautiful hand made frames are still available- and Gary will be as enthusiastic as ever to build your dream bike for you, but for others needing a cheaper, more realistic frame that still offers supreme quality and pedigree- look no further.

The first batch land on the 7th of December- Gary will be manning the phone for orders from the 6th, but expect the phone to be busy as a lot of people will want to snap up a Curtis bike for a measly £300…

Tech details:

  • Curtis MX 24
  • Japanese Sanko steel
  • Olive Green, Howies Blue or Slate Grey
  • 6.5lb frame build
  • Built for 4in travel fork
  • Some available with removable Canti mounts- others disc onl