CushCore’s new insert-specific tyre lever should make puncture protection easier

CushCore hopes to make fitting its inserts easier with new tyre lever

CushCore Bead Dropper tyre lever

CushCore has released its new Bead Dropper tyre lever, designed to aid removal and installation of its tyre inserts.


According to CushCore, the Bead Dropper should help specifically with “the critical step of dropping the bead into the rim channel.” Of course, you only need to look at the shaping to see that it’ll work as a tyre lever, too.

When we put the CushCore tyre insert up against the Huck Norris and Flat Tire Defender in our three-way shootout, our results showed just how effective it was on the trail, but also how tricky it was to fit. The Bead Dropper tyre lever should help counter these problems.

CushCore Bead Dropper tyre lever
CushCore hopes the lever will make your life easier. Once we can test those claims, we’ll let you know how it performs.

The massive rubberised handle should help when it comes to leverage. Then there’s the chunky flange for pushing against with your thumb when you need to apply pressure to the tyre bead, and for pushing inwards towards the rim channel.

CushCore claims the sturdy green lever, made from plastic, is strong enough to lever downhill tyres without issue and won’t scratch rims, even if you really give it some clout when removing stubborn rubber.

And, should you manage to snap the Bead Dropper, CushCore will give you a replacement thanks to its lifetime warranty policy.

We can’t comment on how well the Bead Dropper works yet, due to the Covid-19 lockdown and not having access to a bike equipped with CushCore tyre inserts, but once restrictions are lifted we’ll get a full review up onsite as soon as possible.

Its size means it’ll be one for the toolbox rather than the trail pack, though.


The Bead Dropper will set you back £19.99/$19.95.