This custom marble-finish Specialized Tarmac is… wow

Specialized wonder-mechanic turned painter, Tyler Marchesano, delivers most incredible bike yet

This amazing custom marble-finish S-Works Tarmac SL6 has blown the collective minds of BikeRadar HQ. 


The incredible custom finish was created by Tyler Marchesano — the wonder-mechanic behind the Di2shifter/PlayStation button mashup that we wrote about last year — who has recently branched out into paintwork. 

The bike has been built for Chris Chou — a colleague of Marchesano’s who has no shortage of beautiful bikes — who asked Marchesano to undertake “something you’ve been scared to do” with the paintjob.

The risk has clearly paid off. The rich grey-ish-pink-ish marble finish is stunning and we’ve enjoyed ogling at this and Marchesano’s other work all day.

Exactly how he has pulled off the paintwork isn’t clear, but to our minds, the mystery only makes it all the more alluring. 


Be sure to scroll through the whole Instagram gallery up top to see every detail and, if you don’t already, be sure to give Tyler Marchesano’s account a follow. You won’t be disappointed!