Cycle Republic store opens in London

Halfords' premium brand bike outlet launches

Halfords' new Cycle Republic store opened in London today

Halfords’ first relaunched Cycle Republic store has opened for business in London. Located by Euston Tower, the cycle-specific offshoot will offer bikes and accessories from premium brands, as well as providing maintenance help and servicing.


BikeRadar reported on the re-emergence of the Cycle Republic brand back in September and was at the opening to see the site for ourselves. The store will stock more than 1,000 lines exclusive to the brand, and a huge range of women’s wear.

Peter Kimberley, Director of Cycle Republic, officially opened the first store – a 4,000 square metre site with a team of 16 employees – in Euston, London, at 9.30am today. It has a wide range of bikes on sale, from Halfords’ own 13 brand to the Boardman range, right through to £7,000 Pinarellos, Cinellis, Quella fixies and more.

One neat feature of the new outlet is that it will loan you a bike as you wait for your own to be fixed. Shoppers will also be able to ‘try before they buy’, testing a potential bike before purchasing it. A click and collect service is also available.

Halfords CEO, Matt Davies, said: “Opening the doors of Cycle Republic Euston Square is a major milestone for us. The in-store range, colleague expertise and enthusiasm are perfect for making cycling more accessible to London and we look forward to welcoming the cycling community.”

There are plans for further Cycle Republic branches to open across the UK later next year and beyond.

Kimberley told BikeRadar that Halfords is looking to cater for every kind of cyclist, having waited to get the ‘building blocks right’ before launch.

He said: “It’s not about the competition. It’s about who we are and what we can bring to London. What we’ve really looked at is cycling in London, as we feel that it’s very understated and that there’s a great opportunity there.


“I’d go as far as to say that, personally, it’s one of the biggest selections of cycling gear I’ve seen in London.”