Cycle Show 09: New lights and luggage from Brompton

Expensive and not so expensive options

Folding bike specialists Brompton have beefed up their accessory range this year with new bag and light options. They can be seen at the Cycle Show 09 and be available at a Brompton dealer near you soon.


The biggest news for the serious Brompton commuter is that the expensive Schimidt SON hub dynamo light option can be made much cheaper thanks to a Shimano hub to power the dynamo. The difference? £290 for the full SON set-up compared to £65 for the Shimano hub.The lamps have also been changed to Busch & Müller LED models.

The light works via a switch on the front lamp, which is attached to the dynamo in the front hub. No need to buy batteries or wear down your tyres with rollers – it’s all sorted.

Schmidt claims that their SON hub adds only a few watts’ drag when turned on, and only one watt when it’s off. And while maximum speed is probably not at the top of most commuters’ minds, it’s nice to know that your self sufficient lighting is not slowing you down too much.

For the more budget minded, there’s an LED lighting option available for £35.

The son front dynamo hub will power all your lighting needs on a brompton: the son front dynamo hub will power all your lighting needs on a brompton
Jeff Jones/BikeRadar

The Son dynamo front hub and Busch & Müller light

On the luggage side of things, O and A bags have been added to Brompton’s front luggage options. The A bag is definitely one for those who commute in suits. This leather briefcase fits neatly onto the front of your folder, ready for you to whisk it to your across-town meeting. At £350, it’s rather pricey for a piece of bike luggage. It’s easier to think of it as a briefcase that attaches to your bike.

The O bag is more affordable and arguably more practical than the A bag. Designed by Ortlieb, the O is fully waterproof and includes a shoulder strap for off-the-bike use. It’s a more modest £150.

The ortlieb designed o bag is fully waterproof and comes in pink: the ortlieb designed o bag is fully waterproof and comes in pink
Jeff Jones/BikeRadar

The Ortlieb-designed O bag

Brompton’s messenger-styled S and C bags have been updated for 2010. The S bag has been remodelled along lines of the C Bag, with a removable front panel to allow users to personalise their bags with different designs. It sells for £90 while the C bag is £95, including the frame and front carrier block.

The s bag features a colourful design: the s bag features a colourful design
Jeff Jones/BikeRadar

The messenger-styled and very colourful S bag

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