CycleOps gets virtually interactive

Virtual Trainer app includes routes, training programs and more

This article was produced in partnership with CycleOps. 


CycleOps get interactive with its new Virtual Trainer. The app-based system allows riders to hook up their smart trainer and ride set routes, training programs and specific challenges, and there’s even the option to combine trainers to ride and race against several participants on a virtual course. 

The Virtual Trainer allows you to ride along set routes, with either GoPro footage of the course or Google Earth overhead shots. To increase that real-ride feel, the program will automatically increase the resistance to simulate climbs on the chosen route. The CycleOps Virtual Trainer has thousands of routes and hundreds of videos, which are being added to constantly via crowdsourcing. 

Premium users can also make use of CycleOps partnership with Paincave, accessing its high-quality online training videos. 


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