Cycling holidays and destinations

Where to take your bike this summer

This week we’re featuring some cool places to visit with our cycling and mountain biking holiday destination guides. From ridden and rated cyclosportives to a lowdown of the best trail centres, there’s enough information for you to start planning your next cycling getaway.


However, if you’re wanting to explore completely new places, venture off the beaten track or benefit from local cycling knowledge, head over to BikeRadar Training and check out the user routes. You can discover which trails and roads local riders recommend, and get inspired about where to take your bike. 

Ideas to get you started

Want to go mountain biking in France but also fit in a Mediterranean beach break? This route was uploaded by a BikeRadar Training member and weaves from the town of Le Rove towards the coast. Dry, dusty singletrack weaves through rich green shrubbery, and climbs are rewarded with stunning panoramic views of the sea.

Jupapy mapped a 14.7-mile mountain bike loop that winds its way around the mediterranean coastline : jupapy mapped a 14.7-mile mountain bike loop that winds its way around the mediterranean coastline

User Jupapy uploaded this 14.7-mile loop, called ‘Rando Le Rove’

Heading to Barcelona to soak up the Spanish culture but still want to get out and spin your legs? AlunAlun uploaded this 17.6-mile road route, entitled ‘Besos-Alella-TT’. Starting just north of the city, this route follows the Besòs river out to the north-east and winds towards the coast through roads surrounded by forest-covered mountains.

The ‘besos-alella-tt’ route from barcelona, uploaded by alunalun :

Besos-Alella-TT, uploaded by AlunAlun


Feeling inspired? Then head on over to BikeRadar Training and share your favourite routes with the rest of the training community, or see whether someone has uploaded a map that matches your holiday destination.