Cycling jacket helps you look pro with the magic of magnets

First look at easy-on B'Twin road jacket

Have you ever tried to get a jacket back on while riding, only to have to have it fill up like a makeshift sail? B’Twin reckons it has the answer with magnets — the mysterious elements, which are probably magic and definitely not yet explained by science.

The magnets are embedded behind the zip and add only a little weight
Oli Woodman / Immediate Media

By designing the magnets into the zip, the catchily named ‘700 Membrane Waterproof Road Cycling Jacket‘ will remain semi-closed while riding which makes things much easier when you fumble about and look for the zip.

While this may appear a little gimmicky at first, we can see real benefit to this system as it will make adding layers a far less perilous process, critical when riding in a group.

The jacket has a very racey, slim cut
Oli Woodman / Immediate Media

The jacket is also a fully waterproof shell with taped seams and a dropped tail to keep your bum dry on damp days. B’Twin does make concessions for breathability with the jacket constructed from a breathable membrane, and includes a generous vent below the shoulders.

We’re looking forward to trying out this jacket as the weather becomes more inclement and the nights draw in. We’ve also enjoyed doing this in the meantime…

Although the magents are very nifty, they may not be the best choice if you have a pacemaker
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

Have we got you excited about magnets? Check out this positively cool, magnetic tech below;