Cycling Plus Bike of the Year 2014 – video

Which £1,500-2,000 road bike has won the prestigious Bike of the Year Award?

The intrepid testers at Cycling Plus magazine have braved the UK floods, high winds and biblical amounts of rain in their quest to find the 2014 Bike of the Year.


It has taken industrial quantities of strong coffee, a selection of Jacques Cousteau-approved wet weather gear, more than 5,000 miles and 355 hours of riding to give all 50 contenders a fair shout.

But finally, after forensic consideration and violent arguments over upgrade potential, the team has settled on a worthy winner, which is the… not so fast – the winner will be revealed in Cycling Plus on 3 March.

In a rare moment of sun the test team dashed out to shoot a video to celebrate the impending big day.

Check it out here and stay tuned on 3 March to find out which £1,500 to 2,000 bike won the hearts and minds of the Cycling Plus test team.

The cycling plus bike of the year teaser video

Video: Cycling Plus Bike of the Year