Cycling specific WD-40 products – Interbike 2012

WD-40 lubes, degreaser, frame protector and more

WD-40's line of bike-specific products will be available this fall

WD-40 have seen an opportunity to use its 50-plus years of experience developing lubricants and solvents to create new products specifically for cycling.


The company has gone so far as to create a cycling-specific branch, WD-40 BIKE. It recently demonstrated its commitment to cycling by, along with a handful of other brands, stepping up to support the faltering USGP series

There are five new products in the WD-40 bike-specific line: a wax-based dry lube, a wet lube, a degreaser, a foaming bike wash and a frame polish/protector. The company has also repackaged its flagship multi-use product in a 4oz drip bottle for hard-to-reach places. 

Generations of bike mechanics have scorned the use of WD-40 as a chain lubricant, though it’s quite useful for flushing out contaminated shifters and silencing squeaky pedals.


Expect to see WD-40’s bike range coming to a shop near you this fall.