Cyclist turns helmet cam on bad cycling – video

York rider shames naughty cyclist and captures epic faceplant

A York helmet cam wearer has set out on a mission to expose law-breaking cycling in his city

A York commuter has turned his helmet cam onto errant cyclists to catch them breaching the highway code.


And in an astonishing final clip, he captures a man faceplanting after trying to take his jacket off while riding with no hands.

Careful Cyclist uploaded the video last week to expose bad cycling. It features a compilation of misdemeanours around the Tour de France 2014 stage 2 host city.

Careful cyclists captures reckless cycling in york

Video: Careful Cyclist captures reckless cycling in York

Sometimes a fluro glove comes into shot to identify the culprit and the footage goes slow-mo to shame the rider.

Other ‘highlights’ from the three-minute YouTube video include a lady talking on her phone while cycling on a bike path and a postman cycling on the pavement.

The commuter – he didn’t want to be named – told the York Press he captured the footage over three weeks and said he was becoming concerned with reckless cycling in the city.  


While pavement cycling is illegal, in January this year, the minister for cycling, Robert Goodwill, urged police not to punish cyclists who rode on the pavement to escape dangerous or intimidating junctions.