Cycology slips into cycling themed underwear

Bike themed boxers and briefs

Best known for its hand drawn T-shirt designs, Sydney-based Cycology now has you covered down under. That’s right, we’re talking cycling themed underwear that’s sure to cradle your bottom bracket.


The range is men-only so far, though women’s items are soon to follow, and is available in briefs (£12 / $19 / AU$25) and boxers (£15 / $22 / AU$29). Each ‘super soft cotton blend’ pair is individually screen printed with one of Cycology’s most popular designs, and with names like ‘Train Hard, Get Lucky’, how could you go wrong?

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Unlike the brand’s popular T-shirts, these undies probably shouldn’t serve as a conversation starter. Still, they are pretty cool as far as underpants go, would make a great gift for those cyclists who ‘have everything’, and to our knowledge are the only cycling themed unmentionables.


Topped with a thick 40mm elastic band, and finished with the Cycology logo, now your laundry can consist of more than just stinky riding clothes and funky cycling socks.