Dahon launch iPhone bike mount

Now you can use your mobile as a GPS

Folding bicycle company Dahon are launching a bike mount for Apple’s iPhone at next week’s Interbike show in Las Vegas.


The BioLogic Bike Mount will enable you to attach an iPhone (2G, 3G or 3Gs) or iPod Touch to your bike’s handlebar or stem so you can use it to track your position via GPS, speed and distance travelled.

“The iPhone has a phenomenal GPS mapping function that’s great when you just want to get on your bike to start exploring,” said Joshua Hon, Dahon’s vice president. “But we weren’t able to find any good bike mounts.

“I scoured the internet for months but couldn’t find anything and ended up using a rubber band. So we sat down with a partner, drew up the specs, and ended up with the Bike Mount.”

The Bike Mount features a weatherproof and shock resistant case with a touch-sensitive membrane so you can still use the buttons.

Available in January 2010, it will cost US$59 or €49 (approx. £40). A Biologic ReeCharge device will be available for bikes with hub dynamos so you keep your phone charged while you ride.


What do you think? Is this something you’ve been waiting for with bated breath or do you wish it had never left the drawing board? Have your say below.