Danny MacAskill Imaginate ‘making of’ videos announced

Watch the series trailer online now

Trials riding guru and YouTube stunt sensation Danny MacAskill has announced his latest video project – ‘Imaginate’ will be a five-episode ‘making of’ series following the highs and lows of the last two years of MacAskill’s life, culminating in the finished Imaginate film.

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The clips follow MacAskill as he returns from a career threatening back injury to pursue a free-reign project and experience freedom he never thought possible. As he puts it himself: “I have such a free range that I can build the setups that allow me to do the tricks that have just been in my dreams, up until now.”

After watching the trailer, BikeRadar are pleased to report that viewers can look forward to all the action you’d expect from Danny MacAskill, plus stunning scenery and filming. To give you an idea of his vivid imagination, a military tank is introduced, and there’s even talk of getting elephants involved!

The all-new series has been announced following the success of MacAskill’s previous stunt work, with Inspired Bicycles, Way Back Home and the more recent Industrial Revolutions being standout performances.

MacAskill’s Imaginate is a Red Bull Media House production and debuts on 16 April over at the Red Bull Imaginate website. For now, you can enjoy the trailer here (click on image below):

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