De Rosa adds a splash of luxury to the SK Pininfarina range

Luxury by name, luxury by nature

When a bike actually has the word ‘luxury’ in its name you know there’s got to be something worth taking a closer look at, even if the price tag is beyond most cyclists — and the De Rosa SK Pininfarina Luxury is one such bike. 


Family-owned and run company De Rosa has been working with renowned Italian car design company Pininfarina to create two new additions to the De Rosa line: the SK Pininfarina Disc and the SK Pininfarina Luxury. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the name Pininfarina, chances are you are aware of their work because the company has designed cars for Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Maserati amongst others. Their relationship with De Rosa began in 2015 and the first year of the partnership clearly proved successful enough for it to continue. 

De Rosa SK Pininfarina Luxury

Coming in right at the top of the range is the new SK Pininfarina Luxury. It’s clearly a bike upon which no expense has been spared. 

The bike features triple layer paint, non-slip textured handlebar and saddle, and a drivetrain created with “zero friction technology”. In case you weren’t already aware that this was a luxury product, the three colours the bike is available in give a further clue; Pininfarina Blue, Black Caviar and Diamond Silver. 

Luxury accessories for a Luxury bike

De Rosa hasn’t just stopped at making the bike. Oh no. They’ve also worked with Castelli to create luxury accessories for use with the super-car inspired steed. The Body-Bike Suitcase is designed to carry your De Rosa SK in safety and style, it is “sewn with the same single needle stitching found in the highest quality tailored clothing”, according to the brand. 

DeRosa has partnered with Pininfarina — the luxury car designers
De Rosa

De Rosa SK Pininfarina Disc

For 2017, the SK Pininfarina gets disc brakes. De Rosa states that while it currently uses the Shimano drivetrain, it expects Campagnolo to be offering a disc brake option in the new future too, fuelling rumours of a release at Eurobike

Both the Luxury and the Disc version are based around the same SK Pininfarina carbon fibre frame, which weighs in at a reported 6.7kg. Other features include internal cable routing and an 86.5mm bottom bracket, and they will be available in eight sizes.

The frame can be built up with mechanical or electronic components, and is available immediately.

The SK Pininfarina Luxury is priced from €8.300 to €12.000 (depending on your country and tax), and the price includes the bike suitcase — which is built specifically to carry the SK.


The De Rosa SK Pininfarina Disc range is priced from €5.000 to €8.500 euro (again depending on your country and tax).