Deda Elementi M35 bar and Trentacinque stem – Just in

31.8 standard not big enough for you? How about 35mm...

When the ‘oversize’ 31.8mm handlebar/stem interface was introduced it offered an end to the confusing days of multiple standards – 25.4mm, 25.8mm, 26mm, 26.4mm – as well as higher strength and stiffness for just a minimal weight penalty.


But it seems that, for Deda Elementi at least, 31.8mm isn’t oversize enough. They’ve introduced a new 35mm standard on their latest M35 drop bar and Trentacinque stem, with the aim of providing the stiffest setup yet. In fact, they reckon their new bar is more than 50 percent stiffer than a 31.8mm equivalent.

Deda argue that, as well as being more rigid than a 31.8mm bar and therefore more efficient, the larger bar diameter – and we’re talking the whole top section of the bar here, not just the stem clamp area – also spreads road vibration over a wider area of the rider’s hand, reducing fatigue. Apparently this “gives an entirely different and completely new feel while riding”. We’ve just received a set for testing, so we’ll let you know in due course whether these claims stand up to scrutiny.

Deda elementi’s trentacinque 35mm handlebar, bottom, compared to a 31.8mm bontrager bar:
James Costley-White/BikeRadar

Deda Elementi’s Trentacinque 35mm handlebar, bottom, compared to a 31.8mm Bontrager bar

The carbon fibre bar weighs in at 221g (actual). It’s available in three widths (42, 44, 46mm), with a 130mm drop and 75mm reach. Designed to be run without any bar tape on the top, it has handy indicators at each side to tell you where to start taping, along with neat ports so you can internally route your cables.

The 3D-forged 2014 alloy stem has a -8° drop and is available in five lengths (90, 100, 110, 120, 130mm). The 100mm version was 125g on our scales. Both are available in white and matt black as well as the red seen here. RRP is £238 for the bar and £135 for the stem.

Look out for a full review on BikeRadar soon. For now, what do you think? Does the world need another handlebar standard, or are you happy with what you’ve got? Have your say in the comments box below…

Deda elementi trentacinque (35) bar and stem:
James Costley-White/BikeRadar

Deda Elementi’s Trentacinque alloy stem and M35 carbon bar should be super-stiff