The Safety Avocado is the most delicious way to improve your visibility

The Safety Avocado follows hot on the heels of the legendary Safety Pizza to become the most millennial accessory of all time

Safety Avocado reflective tabards with flash from the Department of Safety Instagram account
The Safety Avocado builds on the legacy of the now legendary Safety Pizza and takes the crown as the most millennial accessory of all time
Safety Pizza / The Department of Safety

From the very same folks that brought you the Safety Pizza comes the Safety Avacado — an accessory more delightfully millennial than even that dumb plant pot I wrote about a few months ago.

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Made from DOT-approved reflective materials, this reflective tabard is designed to hang beneath your saddle, improving visibility in all conditions.

I have been using my original Safety Pizza for a few years now and there’s no doubt that it improves visibility on the road. Whether that’s because people are baffled as to why I have a reflective pizza hanging from the back of my bike or the fact it’s reflective is not certain.

The first run of Safety Avocados is already sold out, with more stock expected in about a month. Follow the Safety Pizza Instagram account and head to the Department of Safety website to catch the next batch!

Our original story on the Safety Pizza from September 2017 runs below.

We love the Safety Pizza
We love the Safety Pizza
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

Safety Pizza has revolutionised that audax/randonneuring favourite, the reflective triangle, with this deliciously fun, pizza-themed reflective patch.

The Safety Pizza is a fully customisable reflective patch, with a range of toppings that are laser-cut from DOT-approved, high visibility materials.

Attached by two lengths of tape and popper buttons, you should be able to ‘pizza up’ pretty much any part of you or your bike.

Our friends at Path Less Pedalled have done a little video review of the Safety Pizza and have found that lots of cyclists and drivers have passed comment on just how visible the patch makes you. Whether that’s solely down to its high-viz nature or the unusual design isn’t totally clear.

Some of the trendiest Instagrammers out there have adopted the Safety Pizza
Some of the trendiest Instagrammers out there have adopted the Safety Pizza
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The Safety Pizza is priced at a mere $20, but seems to sell-out nearly as quickly as it’s made (I’ve been trying to get a hold of one for ages!), so keep your eyes peeled the Safety Pizza Instagram account for tasty updates.