Diamondback Serios TT/tri bike launched

Serios is as fast in the tunnel as Cervelo P5, Trek Speed Concept, company claims

With the Ironman World Championships coming up, Diamondback Bicycles just launched its new time trial/triathlon bike, the Serios.


For the 2014 season, Diamondback sponsored a pro UCI road team for the first time in Team Optum-Kelly Benefit Strategies. Now the company is pursuing the high-end triathlon market.

As companies do in such a project, Diamondback studied various shape options for all the different parts of the frame and fork. Instead of making all the tubes’ frontal profiles as thin as possible, Diamondback actually beefed up some of the areas for aero benefit.

Testing the Serios against two industry standards, the Trek Speed Concept and the Cervelo P5, Diamondback found that its final iteration was quite competitive in terms of aero drag. In fact, at 15 degrees yaw on one side, Diamondback found a significant difference — a claimed 33 percent improvement over the P5. From straight on, the Serios was found to be slightly slower than the other two.

Diamondback tested the serios (red) against the trek speed concept (green) and the cervélo p5 (yellow): diamondback tested the serios (red) against the trek speed concept (green) and the cervélo p5 (yellow)

Diamondback tested the Serios frame (Red) against the Trek Speed Concept (Green) and the Cervélo P5 (Yellow)

The Serios will come in three bike models from US$3,000-$8,000 (UK and AU pricing not immediately available) and as a frameset with brakes, handlebar, stem and seatpost. The top Serios AF model has a Shimano Dura-Ace drivetrain, HED Jet 6/9 Plus wheels, HED Corsair handlebar and HED Corsair integrated brake levers. The entry-level Serios S model has the same frame but with a non-integrated stem/handlebar and more affordable parts.

For more information visit www.diamondback.com.