Diamondback teases Serios TT bike

Brand new Serios TT bike launching on 7 October

Diamondback has released a teaser for its brand new Serios TT bike, which will debut in Kona, Hawaii, on 7 October, ahead of this year’s Ironman World Championships.


The American brand started out in BMX during the late 1970s, but while the brand has since branched out into mountain and road bikes, the Serios will be the company’s first time trial / triathlon bike.

However, the Serios has an enormous trailing edge on the head tube as well as a sloping top tube – a rarity in today’s TT market, with Fuji’s Norcom Straight being one of the few bikes to adopt this design.

The Serios, apparently tested in the San Diego low speed wind tunnel, appears to have an integrated stem that fits flush with the top tube at its lowest position while a stack of under-the-stem spacers can be used to adjust stack height. There’s what looks like a traditional dual-pivot brake caliper on the front of the hourglass-shaped heat tube. The bars are HED Corsairs, which have a claimed weight of 585g – although they look a little bouncy in the video. Cables run into the frame just behind the stem.

The serios is certainly a distinctive-looking machine with its sloping top tube and beefy front end:

The first glimpse of the Serios TT bike

The down tube doesn’t feature a wheel-hugging profile, but it does appear to have a slightly blunt trailing edge. There’s certainly a ratio-expanding cut out for the rear wheel though, with the seat tube curving around the tyre’s contours. Two sets of bottle bosses are also included and the seatpost appears to have a sliding mount for more adjustment.

The seatstays are attached almost horizontally before sweeping downward in a curved shape to the rear wheel. They are fairly wide from a side-on profile, but look slim from the rear. HED wheels complete both the mechanically geared and Di2 specced bikes in the video.


No prices, spec or release dates have yet been confirmed, but more should be forthcoming at the official launch.