Discover Sherlock anti-theft device at the London Bike Show

We speak to the inventors of GPS-based locator

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Want to ramp up your anti-theft bike protection? Be sure to check out new product Sherlock at the London Bike Show’s Innovation Zone. It’s a tiny GPS device designed to be hidden inside your bike’s frame, so if the worst happens and it does get nicked, you can quickly locate and recover it.

You will of course still need a big chunky lock as your first line of deterrence, but with GPS technology becoming ever more affordable (and low-power), devices like Sherlock could represent an effective high-tech way to recover your precious steed.

The sherlock app is paired securely to the device: the sherlock app is paired securely to the device

The Sherlock app is paired securely with the device hidden inside your bike

Sherlock will be on display at the London Bike Show’s Innovation Zone next week (11-14 February), where a selection of the bike industry’s cleverest new products can be found.

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“A unique match”

We spoke to its inventors, who told us it can be easily installed in the handlebars, seatpost or frame of your bike, and is totally invisible from the outside. 

“Sherlock is a unique match between you and your bicycle,” they tell us. “When you activate the device with our mobile app, Sherlock is uniquely connected to you and your bicycle profile. If your bike gets stolen, the police can access your bicycle info and tracking on our database and once your bicycle is rescued you can demonstrate its ownership.”

The italy-based team behind sherlock: the italy-based team behind sherlock

The Italian team behind Sherlock

It’s been developed in Turin, Italy, and is made in collaboration with international manufacturers from across the avionics, automotive and robotics industries. The makers say it’s not available for sale yet, as they are still in the prototyping stage, but plan to bring it to market in summer 2016 for around £100.

“We are now finalising the case design and performing functional tests,” they add. “Future iterations of the product will include the possibility to track performances and share them within the community.”

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There’ll also be more than 300 bike brands exhibiting at the London Bike Show from Thursday 11 to Sunday 14 February at ExCel London, ranging from road cycling to mountain biking, commuting, BMX, cyclocross and more.

Adult tickets cost £15, with concession tickets at £9, and children under eight going free. A ticket gets you entry to three other events that are running simultaneously: the Triathlon Show  London, The Telegraph Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show, and the London International Dive Show (Saturday & Sunday only).


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