Donnelly CDG tires come with Legan’s Gravel Cycling book

New Roubaix-inspired 30mm tubeless tire from gravel-tire specialist

Donnelly Cycling, formerly Clément and specialist in cyclocross and gravel tires, has a new tubeless model inspired by Paris-Roubaix, dubbed the CDG for Charles de Gaulle. Unusually, anyone who buys a pair of CDGs will get a free copy of Nick Legan’s book, Gravel Cycling.


Former Olympic and WorldTour mechanic Nick Legan was an early adopter of gravel riding and racing, and contributes to BikeRadar.

As an early adopter, Nick Legan quite literally wrote the book on Gravel Cycling. As you can see, he is also a very serious person
Courtesy Nick Legan

“Our team of pro riders and our Colorado-based advisory board are always in development mode whether they’re racing ‘cross or gravel events or are out training,” Donnelly president Donn Kellogg said. “The tread was designed with a race like Paris-Roubaix in mind, something that could handle the cobbles and slick, tight turns. It’s that transition into the turn or at the apex where crashes happen at Roubaix. That was the thought process behind the CDG.”

The CDG uses similar shoulders as the company’s Strada USH. The center tread is a new pattern designed for low rolling resistance but still decent traction.

The center tread is designed to roll fast while still offering some traction
Courtesy Donnelly

“Just as we can never predict the conditions for Paris-Roubaix on race day, we feel the CDG covers most bases. It was designed for diverse conditions including slushy, melting snow, sand, salt, and road and hard pack with loose pebbles or dirt,” Kellogg said. “And if you’re lucky enough to have a dry spring, the fast-rolling center tread will fly over pavement.”

The 30mm tubeless Donnelly CDG weighs a claimed 420g and retails for $70.  It fits most disc road bikes and all adventure or gravel bikes.  A 30mm tubular version is scheduled for late spring and will retail for $129.


More information on the tires can be found at

The new CDG is a 30mm tubeless tire named for Charles de Gaulle in reference to Paris-Roubaix
Courtesy Donnelly