Donnelly tyres get more squish with 650b sizes

Additions to the X'Plor range add more versatile gravel options

Donnelly (the tyre company you may previously have known as Clément) is adding 650b tyre sizes to the lineup. For the moment this is mainly within the X’Plor, adventure/gravel tyre range.

The new X’PLOR Strada USH
Courtesy of Donnelly

The X’Plor Strada USH will now be available as both 650b x 42 and 650b x 50 versions. It will have a 60 TPI wire, folding or tubeless-ready casing.

The X’Plor Strada USH uses a combination of the Strada LGG herringbone ‘lugs’ (though using a scaled-up tread) and fast-rolling X’Plor USH centre tread. The 42c version has the equivalent diameter of a 700 x 23c tyre.

The new X’PLOR MSO
Courtesy of Donnelly

The X’Plore MSOhas been updated to include 650b x 36 and 650b x 50 (the 50c is not available yet, but will be soon), in both a folding bead and tubeless ready. In the larger size the outer diameter equates to a 700 x 32c tyre.

The MSO tread remains the same as the original model using a soft rubber compound with tightly packed centre knobs for better rolling resistance and more aggressive shoulder lugs for cornering traction.

The above tyres will retail at $30 for the wire bead version, $46 for the folding bead version and $67 for the tubeless-ready model (no UK pricing available yet).

The new MXP
Courtesy of Donnelly

Finally, the MXP, originally a cyclocross tyre, will also be available in 650b x 33. This offers an all-condition tread that Donnelly claims is good for everything including grass, loose dirt, sand, mud, hard pack and pavement.


This will retail at $46 for the folding bead and $70 for the tubeless-ready version.