Don’t lose your mind, this retro helmet is safe and modern

Ekoï updates the classic hairnet design

If you’ve ever had a hankering for a retro styled helmet then Ekoï may have you covered. Its new Legende helmet is inspired by the legendary leather ‘hairnet’ helmets of yesteryear, but packaged in a modern and up-to-date design.


Unlike the leather hairnet helmets that featured among racers in the 1970s, this modern incarnation from Ekoï actually provides protection for your noggin and has been thoroughly tested for safety and aerodynamics.

The helmet is manufactured using modern techniques, including in-mould construction, and features an internal polypropylene cage for reinforcement.

An internal cage provides additional reinforcement

The first generation of this helmet was spotted on Romain Bardet last year and further developments mean it now weighs in at a respectable 230g.

The helmet comes with three sets of foam padding of different thicknesses and features a removable insect mesh. It also has novel ‘vented’ straps that feature a mesh central section for improved airflow.

The helmet features a removable insect mesh, different padding thicknesses and vented straps

Ekoï will offer a transparent aero shell that can be used as a rain cover. (It’s unclear whether this has specifically been developed with aerodynamics in mind). In a nod to its leather brethren, the helmet comes with a leather carrying bag.

Ekoï allows you to customise the helmet with the colours of your choice if the standard options aren’t to your liking.

The helmet is available in different colour options, with the possibility of customising it yourself as well

While we don’t imagine this helmet will experience quite the widespread popularity of the old hairnets in the pro peloton, it gives you classic, retro styling in a modern package that meets current safety regulations. Perfect for the Eroica, perhaps?


The helmet is available directly from Ekoï’s website and costs €200 / £178.