Dugast Fast Bird tubular mountain bike tire – Sneak peek

Glue-on cross-country rubber

Cross-country racers, take note: Dutch tubular tire specialists Dugast are expanding their range of mountain bike options for 2012 with the new Dove model, offered in both 26in and 29in varieties.


The Fast Bird is similar to the current Rhino XL and in fact, looks to have an identical tread save for an additional row of shoulder knobs to cover the higher-volume casing. While the Rhino XL tops out at 47mm across, the Fast Bird is a more bulbous 50mm to better handle rough and rocky terrain. 


Based on the performance of Dugast’s venerable cyclo-cross tubulars, we expect the Fast Bird’s supple and compliant cotton casing to provide an outstanding ride coupled with excellent grip, especially when paired with a wider-profile rim like those offered by ENVE, Reynolds or Velocity. According to Katie Compton’s (Rabobank) coach and partner, Mark Legg, the 26in version weighs 560g while the prototype 29er is somehow just 10g heavier.