Dump the Strava algorithm with Stravini

Chrome plugin takes your feed back to chronological

Strava has been fast and furious with their updates lately, with Athlete posts for everyone, a new and improved Global Heat Map and a non-chronological algorithim based feed.


Yes, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, even Strava is now using an algorithm to show you what your riding buddies have been up to, and just the same as when the other social networks switched over to a timeline that wasn’t at all based on time, the reception hasn’t exactly been positive.

Stravini adds a couple of drop down menus which allow you to filter your feed
Colin Levitch / Immediate Media

However, a few clever souls have created a browser extension for Google Chrome that allows you to ditch the algorithm. Stravini is a free plugin available in the Chrome web store that allows you to not only sort your feed by date, but also filter out posts, challenges, and club notifications.

The crew at Stravini also say the plugin allows for a clean UI with the ability to view multiple activities on screen, makes the text sharper and speeds up the feed by filtering out images.

For the time being Stravini is only available for the Google Chrome Browser, click here to learn more.