Dutch bike firm set up UK base

Online And Dutch store launches in London

The Dutch are renowned for their love of cycling, and UK riders can now get in on the action. The slightly awkwardly named ‘And Dutch’ are setting up shop in London, and will be making a range of Dutch-designed bikes available to order via an online store.


The range – “mostly unknown to the UK market” – includes high-end offerings from Vanhulsteijn, classic-retro machines from Burgers, chainless models from Beixo, as well as urban, folding, cargo and children’s bikes from Vanmoof, Strida and Kiddimoto.

And Dutch have also established partnerships with bike insurance firm ETA, the Bike 2 Work scheme, and the Bicycle Workshop centre in London.


Company founder Gert-Jan Baan has lived in London for 13 years and has worked for various media and entertainment companies. “Forget ‘Dutch-style’ bicycles and go for the real thing,” he says. “A genuine, authentic Dutch bicycle assembled and shipped directly to your doorstep from the Netherlands.”