Dutch Reach makes it into the Highway Code

Could ‘dooring’ become a thing of the past?

This morning, the UK government announced that it will be adding the ‘Dutch Reach’ into the Highway Code as a measure to protect cyclists, pedestrians and other road users, as reported in the Guardian newspaper.

The Dutch Reach is a method of opening a car door with the hand that’s furthest from it, forcing you to turn and look behind
Jaime Patterson / Immediate Media

What is the Dutch Reach?

The Dutch Reach is a method of opening a car door using the hand furthest from it, forcing you to look behind at the same time.

The term comes from the Netherlands where new drivers are taught this movement as a matter of course in driver’s education.

The inclusion of the Dutch Reach will be one of the biggest additions to the Highway Code this year, and that’s good news in our books.

Demonstration of the Dutch Reach

If you’ve not been a victim of ‘dooring’, you’ve most likely seen some of the shocking footage out there and know how often it happens on UK roads.

With fears around safety being one of the main factors that put people off cycling, this should be a big step in the right direction.