E-bike curious? Take the Riese & Muller challenge

Can you park the car and e-bike everywhere for a month?

E-bike rider carrying child

Curious about what all the noise surrounding e-bikes is about? Tired of driving your car, fighting traffic and buying gas all the time? Here’s a contest that takes care of all those things at once.

Could you ditch the car and only e-bike for an entire month?

Want an e-bike for a month?

German bike company Riese & Muller has set up a contest to introduce more people to the ease of use and benefits of e-bikes.  

If you live in Portland, Oregon, Denver, San Francisco or New York City, you’re one step closer. 

Next up is filling out a form before September 19th detailing how you’d use a Riese & Muller electric bike. If chosen, you’ll be able to pick between the Delite or an e-Cargo bike to use for up to a month. 

While leaving the car at home, participants are asked to “to document and share their story and inspire others to experience the fun and benefits of eBikes.”


Sound fun? Put your name in the running right here.