SRAM releases more conventional Rocker Paddle shifting for Eagle AXS

The original shifter definitely wasn’t for everyone

SRAM AXS Rocker Paddle Shifter

SRAM has launched a redesigned shifter for its Eagle AXS range of wireless groupsets.

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The AXS Rocker Paddle is a direct replacement for the somewhat unconventional right-hand shift lever configuration that has so far arrived as standard on XX1 Eagle AXS and X01 Eagle AXS groupsets.

Rather than the single-piece paddle design of the standard AXS controller – where shifting into an easier gear meant pushing the lower and larger portion of the shifter paddle, and shifting into a harder gear was done by pushing the smaller, upper portion of the paddle, which felt to many like the opposite way around to nearly all shifters on the market – the new component has ergonomics and feel that are closer to that of a traditional mechanical shifter.

The quirky nature of the shifting on the XX1 and X01 Eagle AXS drivetrain is something that did not go unnoticed by us when we first reviewed the group back in 2019, so it’s great to see SRAM addressing this.

SRAM AXS Rocker Paddle Shifter
The SRAM Rocker Paddle retrofits to existing SRAM AXS controllers.

Current AXS owners looking to make the switch will be able to do so for just £20 / €20 / $20. It a case of simply swapping the lever, spring and pivot pin as part of a kit offered by SRAM.

A complete controller with the AXS Rocker Paddle will also be available for £200 / €200 / $200.

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As you’d expect, the controller’s functions remain customisable via the AXS app, so you can set its inboard and outboard shift options as well as program multi-shift functionality.