Early Rider Alley Runner 12in – just in

Premium balance bike

Do you remember your first bike? We’re willing to bet it was nothing like this new Alley Runner balance bike (£150) from Early Rider. Designed for children between two and five years of age, it features luxuries normally reserved for adult machinery. 


Take the aluminium frameset, for example, with swoopy lines that would put many full-sized bikes to shame. It’s finished in an almost titanium-looking, brushed finish. The rigid aluminium fork shares the same look, while the whole package has geometry that looks just right at this scale.

A child on the Alley Runner will be able to experience the grip and comfort benefits of pneumatic tyres – Kenda-branded ones, no less. These are paired with a wide-rimmed, 12in, radially laced, 20-spoke wheelset. Stopping is courtesy of your child’s feet, there are no brakes.

Your infant will be relieved to know that the Alley Runner even gets a carbon handlebar and seatpost, matched to a 60mm, gloss black stem. Grips are scaled down appropriately, with useful crash-resistant rubber end pieces.

Seating isn’t a problem either – owners can rest their Pampers on a Brooks-esque, faux-leather saddle. Altogether, the Early Rider weighs a cute 3.3kg (7.28lb).

All axles and points of adjustment are held together with sensibly sized Allen key heads; it really is a nicely finished little bike. We only wish we were small enough to have a go!

Have you ever seen a kids bike that looks this good?: have you ever seen a kids bike that looks this good?
Simon Greenacre / Future Publishing

At £150 we think the Alley Runner is fairly priced