Easton adds some flare to its lineup with the EA 70 AX and EX70 bars

Flared dropbars for the gravel enthusiast

Whether you call them adventure, gravel or road bikes, drop bar roadies designed to tackle dirt roads and off-piste terrain are becoming increasingly popular. Components brand Easton plans to keep pace and has announced a new range of AX Adventure Cross flared bars.


AX Adventure Cross Details

  • Available in aluminium and carbon versions
  • 16-degree flare
  • 80mm reach and 120mm drop
  • Claimed weight 290g AL 220g carob
  • Available in 40cm, 42cm, and 44cm width
The 16-degree flare adds an additional 68mm of width from the hoods to the drops

Based on the shape of the brand’s MDC road bars, the EA 70 AX and EC 70 AX bars utilise the same drop and reach as their road based cousins but see the drops flare from four degrees on the MDC bars to 16 degrees on the AX bars.

The new bars are available in both carbon and aluminium versions, and offer 80mm of reach and 120mm of drop. The bars are available in 40cm, 42cm, and 44cm width at the hoods and measure an additional 68mm in the drops. The alloy bars are claimed to weigh 290g in the 42cm width and 220g on the carbon version in the same size.

This wider stance provides a bit more control when things get steep and deep on loose gravel road surfaces. The flare also eliminates wrist contact and helps to open the chest up for easier breathing while riding on the drops.


While the flare on the bars for adventure bikes seems to range anywhere from 12 to 24 degrees, Easton says that based on extensive testing and rider feedback 16 degrees was the magic number. This angle, Easton says, provides the maximum bar flare while still allowing comfortable and efficient access to the shifters and brake levers when riding in the hoods and drops.