Easton introduces EC90 SL crank

One crank to fit all road, cyclocross, and TT bikes

How about one crankset for your road or cyclocross bike that will work with a single ring, or a double, practically whatever bottom bracket standard, and still comes in at a competitively low weight? Easton just made it happen with their EC90 SL cranks.

All courses and fitness levels are covered with chain-holding narrow/wide chainrings offered in 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48 and 50T: All courses and fitness levels are covered with chain-holding narrow/wide chainrings offered in 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48 and 50T

Easton EC90 SL crank specs

  • Hollow carbon arms made in Canada with American-sourced carbon
  • Cinch System with a road specific 30mm spindle
  • Standard road 149mm Q-Factor and compatibility with every major road BB standard
  • 1x chainline optimized for increasingly popular135/142mm rear disc spacing
  • Built for: road / CX / Tri-TT
  • Size: 170, 172.5, 175mm
  • Ring configurations: 53/39, 52/36, 50/34, w/removable spider
  • Single direct mount ring: 38T, 40T, 42T, 44T, 46T, 48T, 50T
  • Weight: 590g for 172.5mm 52/36 w/o BB / 442g for 172.5mm 40T w/o BB
  • Chainline: 2x 43.5mm / 2x Disc 46mm / 1x 47mm
  • Q-factor (with washers): 149mm
  • BB options: BB86, BSA 68MM, PF30 68MM, BB30 68MM, BRIGHT, 386EVO, OSBB
  • Material: EC90 carbon
  • Finish: Matte carbon

The secret of the Cinch

Easton takes some pointers from its mountain bike focused sister company, Race Face, to craft their hugely compatible EC90 SL carbon cranks. The secret lies with the Cinch chainring attachment system. The Cinch system allows various single ring sizes, as well as single and double ring set ups with the attachment of a chainring spider. Switching rings is pretty painless, just unthread the crank bolt and Cinch lockring and swap in the right size ring. 
Bolt on a chainring spider and choose between 53/39, 52/36, and 50/34 options

On their single rings, Easton also revised the narrow/wide chainring tooth profile. They claim the updated profile optimizes chain retention, reduces running noise and minimizes friction for road and cross bikes. All good things as the latter two are much more noticeable on quieter road and cross bikes than they are on a typically louder mountain bike. 

Easton claims the new chainring tooth profile enhances chain retention while limiting noise and friction

Even though the EC90 SL cranks come in at an aggressive 442g for a 172.5mm with a single 40T ring, Easton states the durability is there for nasty off-season training rides and daily commuting torture. In conjunction with the new cranks, Easton is also releasing a line of bottom brackets. 

EC90 SL cranks

Pricing and availability

  • 1x Crankset without BB — $449 USD ($599 CDN) — Early August
  • 2x Crankset without BB — $499 USD ($664 CDN) — Fall 2016
  • Single DM Rings $74 to $94 USD — ($99–$124 CDN) — Early August
  • Bottom Brackets — $59 USD (84 CDN) — Early August