Easton upgrades M1 mountain bike rear hubs

New bearings and sleeve offer improved durability

Easton has announced a bearing upgrade for its M1-series rear hubs. It will supposedly boost bearing durability up to ten-fold by reducing play and side loading. Easton currently uses these hubs in its EC90 XC, EA90 XC, EC70 Trail, Haven, Haven Carbon, Havoc, and EA90 XD wheelsets.


Easton m1 bearing spacer upgrade

While Easton has changed the bearing size slightly, the key change is the addition of a support sleeve between the two main hub shell bearings, which will eliminate the possibility of excess preload on the inner races. 

The second modification is a new, fixed-position end cap – meaning users will no longer be able to adjust the bearing preload but won’t be able to get it wrong, either, or find it working itself loose mid-ride.

New wheelsets have already been shipping with the revamped design as of mid-February, with updated-spec boxes marked with a green dot next to the item label. Current M1 hub owners will be offered a retrofit kit free of charge, which will also include new bearings. Affected hubs will be marked directly on the shell with ‘M1-121’, ‘M1-221’, or ‘M1-321’ labels.

Watch the video below to find out how to install an M1 bearing spacer upgrade:

How to install an m1 bearing spacer upgrade kit

Affected owners should contact wheelinfo@eastonbellsports.com to request an upgrade kit. For more information see the Easton website.