Easy-fit BB30 adapters from Wheels Manufacturing and Enduro

Use your favourite cranks on your BB30 frame

Riders looking to fit their favourite set of Shimano-standard external-bearing cranks on their BB30-equipped frames now have two easy retrofit options.


Both press directly into the existing bearings so that users can still enjoy the longevity benefits of the oversized cartridges.

Wheels Manufacturing’s BB30 shims are simple Delrin reducers that add just 47g to the system. Compared to aluminium, the Delrin is not only lighter but also inherently resistant to creaking. 

“In a nutshell, they are simply pressed into the existing BB30 bearings (6806) and then you install your Shimano (Race Face as well) cranks per the manufacturers specs,” said Wheels Manufacturing general manager Dan DePaemelaere. 

“If you ever want to install a true BB30 crank, simply press them out and you’re good to go. I actually raced these all last year in a BB30 frame that Joe [Dan’s brother and one-man operation behind framebuilding outfit Primus Mootry] built me and they have been flawless.”

Suggested retail price for the Wheels Manufacturing reducers is just US$29 (approx £18), and DePaemelaere says a SRAM/Truvativ version is nearly completed, too.

Enduro’s new adapters are more elaborate bits made from machined and laser-etched 6061 aluminium. Like the Wheels Manufacturing units, they press directly into the existing bearings but include their own low-friction silicone rubber contact seals for additional protection from dirt and water contamination. 


Creaking is kept at bay with O-rings placed in between the crankset spindle and inner diameter of the adapters. Suggested retail is around US$35 (approx £22).

Enduro’s new adapters allow the fitting of your favorite shimano-standard external-bearing cranks into bb30 bottom brackets: