eBay Watchlist: A £5,000 Campagnolo toolkit, a stunning Subaru and more

Our top picks from the worlds favourite auction site

eBay Watchlist is back and this week we’re bringing you a selection of some of the most ridiculous — and ridiculously priced — new old stock (NOS) bike kit we could find on the world’s favourite auction site.


As is now tradition, we’ve also dug about to find a fabulous and reasonably priced bike-friendly adventure swagon.  

Peruse at your wallet-emptying pleasure!

NOS Campagnolo 3380 toolkit

I love these Campagnolo tool kits

I cannot help but get excited whenever I see one of these vintage Campagnolo toolkits for sale.

Not only are they stunningly beautiful, but the relatively nondescript box always makes me dream of stumbling upon a mistakenly underpriced one for sale in a charity shop or car boot sale.

Until that day arrives, I’ll have to save my pennies as most examples, including this one, tend to go for something in the £5k range. Ouch.

Vintage Ambrosio Artistic bar tape

Just look at how funky this bar tape is!

Another interesting — and considerably more affordable — item from the same shop selling the toolkit is this funky Ambrosio tape from the 80’s.

The technicolour tape is unmistakable of the era and at just £19.50 a pop, is an easy way to add some vintage flair to your beloved bike.

Shimano Dura-Ace 25th Anniversary Groupset

A matching watch? Yes please.

Continuing with the lovely-old-shiny-thing-in-a-box theme, here’s the groupset of your dreams-past.

Aesthetically, this is my favourite Dura Ace groupset, with a mere glance at those beautifully polished hubs setting my little heart aflutter.

That the groupset comes with a matching watch is the icing on the cake.

2003 Subaru Legacy Outback

How rad will you look rocking up to the trail centre in this puppy?

A few of us here at BikeRadar have a soft spot for Subarus such as this one and it sure is unusual to find one that’s been as well cared for as well as this particular Legacy Outback.

The boot is ready to swallow your road or mountain bike and its colour-coded roof box will have a good go at taking everything else.

Be it snow or muddy fields, the characterful H6 engine and permanent four-wheel drive is ready to carry you out of danger and we’d expect nothing less than total reliability from this pampered Scooby.

The two-tone silver bodywork wears none of the usual scrapes and rot that plagues farmyard examples. Fuelling it probably won’t be fun, but when it comes to mid-2000s estates you simply can’t have it all, particularly for under £4k.