Eddy Merckx relaunches in the US

USA.EddyMerckx.com to sell bikes online, have them delivered to shops

Starting this week, Eddy Merckx will be selling the new EMX-525 online through USA.EddyMerckx.com. The recently formed Eddy Merckx USA aims to sell bikes online, then have them delivered and serviced in local shops.


Eddy Merckx bikes had technically been available in the US in recent years, but supply and support infrastructure were scarce.

“I’ve always felt very welcome in the US, and I know many riders still love a Merckx bike,” said Eddy Merckx, founder of his namesake company. “Returning to the US market and making our bikes available in every village and town is the firm’s way of saying: ‘thank you’ for that loyalty.”

Eddy merckx himself with eddy merckx usa manage peter vanham: eddy merckx himself with eddy merckx usa manage peter vanham
Eddy Merckx USA manager Peter Vanham and the man himself

Eddy Merckx USA will begin by offering the top bike, the EMX-525, in a variety of component packages online, ranging from $5,500 to $12,000. The bikes will be built in Belgium and shipped to a shop close to the buyer.

Kurt Moons, CEO of Eddy Merckx Cycles, said the company is keen to keep a relationship with local bike shops. “We want every [one] of our bikes to pass through a bike shop, preferably close to our consumer,” Moons said. “Eddy was a maniac about keeping his bikes in perfect shape. We want the same for his current bikes. Local bike shops are the best at doing this.”


Eddy Merckx USA is doing some marketing around the relaunch, including an Eddy Merckx World Championship Challenge on Strava, challenging cyclists to ride 963km (the cumulative length of Merckx’s four world championship wins), plus organizing “Merckx Criterium” events to celebrate the exploits of the legendary cyclist. “We want to make sure people remember that Eddy is the greatest champion cycling has ever known,” said Peter Vanham, Eddy Merckx US manager. “With his 19 Monument wins, 11 Grand Tour wins, and a mind-blowing 525 total career win, he’s been such an inspiration for everyone. It’s the reason why we’re still making the best balanced bikes in the world, and we want people to know about it.”

Eddy merckx 525 with shimano dura-ace di2 : eddy merckx 525 with shimano dura-ace di2
The Eddy Merckx 525 with Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 tops the range at $12,000