Electric bike sales to hit 30 million in 2011

Europe is a growing market

E-bike rider

Worldwide electric bike sales are set to hit 30 million this year, according to new research. And it’s not just in the Far East that sales are increasing – the market in Europe is said to be buoyant too.


The Electric Bikes Worldwide Report is published every two years. Its 218 pages give an overview of sales and regulations in various regions, and also look at the future technologies that might arrive in the next few years.

Insights featured in the 2011 edition include:

– In 2010, sales of electric bikes in Europe exceeded 1 million for the first time.

– Worldwide sales are expected to hit 30 million in 2011, compared to just 20 million in 2007.

– Car companies are planning to produce tens of thousands of electric cars over the next few years. Will this happen, and if so what will be the effect of such huge technological investment on electric bikes?


The 2011 Electric Bikes Worldwide Report is available for US$595 via www.ebwr.com/index.php.