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Elite Sterzo Smart brings simple app-free steering to Zwift

£74.99 unit allows you to steer in Zwift without having to use Companion App

Elite Sterzo Smart steering plate

Elite has launched the Sterzo Smart, an electronic steering plate that allows you to steer and take control of your avatar within Zwift.

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The £74.99 (international pricing TBC) unit brings a further degree of gamification to Zwift that doesn’t rely on the smartphone Companion App to work.

Elite Sterzo Smart steering plate
The device allows you to steer in Zwift without having to use the Zwift companion app.

The Sterzo Smart steering plate will work with tyres up to 56mm wide and gives 68 degrees of swing with a claimed resolution of 0.1 degrees.

It communicates through ANT+ or Bluetooth LTE and is powered by AAA batteries, with a claimed battery life of up to 500 hours.

The Sterzo Smart is made from “fibre-reinforced polymeric material” and features rubber anti-slip feet on the base of the unit to stop it skirting around. Elite recommends using the unit in conjunction with a training mat to prevent it from damaging your floor.

A non-smart (dumb?) version of the Sterzo is also available. This can be used in conjunction with a phone mounted to your handlebars running the Zwift Companion App to provide in-game steering on off-road sections of the game.

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The release of the Sterzo Smart coincides with the expansion of steering onto all roads in Zwift. The Sterzo Smart is the only such system on the market and is required to take advantage of this new feature.