Elite unveil eco-friendly water bottle

Entire container biodegrades in just one year

The Cervelo Test Team will be using Elite Nature Bottles

Elite have developed a new water bottle made from 100 percent biodegradable plastic. Every part of the Nature Bottle, from the body to the top and valve, is designed to decompose within one year.


The company say it still has the same features and high quality of their traditional bottles. It will be put to the test by riders from the Cervelo Test Team at the Giro d’Italia on Saturday.

Elite say: “Usually, along the roads of the Giro, the Tour, the Vuelta and all the great classics, the fans look forward to collecting the water bottles left behind by racers. From now on they can nab a water bottle unique in its class, a “classic item” that will become an important part of the collections of serious fans.


“And if by chance one of these abandoned water bottles happens to be overlooked, in one year’s time it will be completely reclaimed by the earth without damaging the environment.”