Enduro Bearings’ dummy pedal is so unnecessary, but my goodness do we want it

A delight for bike mechanics the world over

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We recently spotted this somewhat decadent $25 Pedal Dummy from Enduro Bearings — a tool designed to help you spin your cranks when adjusting gears without any pedals fitted to your bike.

While genuinely useful for a dedicated mechanic assembling several bikes a day, arguably it’s not a necessity for most of us. That said, while we don’t really need one, that doesn’t mean we don’t want one. 

Despite being greaseless, the bearings spin very smoothly
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

The tool is exquisitely machined, featuring undersized threads for easy installation on the driveside and an exposed, oversized greaseless bearing (which is also replaceable if you ever feel the need) that serves as a handle for friction-free fettling.

Stainless, lovely, yes please, we want it, thanks
Jack Luke / Immediate Media
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There are some more reasonable alternatives available such as the Park Tools DP-2 for half the price, but this should fit in very nicely with our growing collection of premium tools.

The Park Tools DP-2 works, but it’s not nearly as nice as the Enduro Bearings faux pedal
Park Tools