Enigma’s Eunique track bike

Stunning one-off track bike on show at London Bike Show

British titanium bike builders and custom paint specialists Enigma had a broad selection of universally pretty bikes on hand at the London Bike Show, but it was this custom track bike that really stood out.


This track machine is one of frame builder Joe Walker’s Eunique commissioned pieces, and was designed for Simon Childs, a VP at Rothschild Investment, who wanted something really special for trips to the Olympic velodrome in London.

Blake’s pop art influence is seen on the top tube:

Beautiful detailing is one of Enigma’s trademarks

Influenced by Childs’ favourite British artists, Bridget Riley and Peter Blake, the bike is painted monochromatically, aside from four stripes of color on the seat tube, reminiscent of Riley’s work. The top tube features heart, star and target roundel symbols in a nod to Blake’s pop art.

The white stem, grips and white-walled Michelin Pro 4 tires tie together perfectly with the bike’s clean, white upper section, which is contrasted by dark carbon rims of the five-spoke front and deep-section rear wheels as well as the black track crank.


Chromed Deda bars and a titanium seatpost match the head tube badge that sets the bike apart as one of Walker’s Eunique designs.