ENVE expands carbon bar line with 35mm clamp option

New M Series bars and stems, with trail and gravity options

Carbon wheel and component maker ENVE has updated its line of handlebars and stems with new M Series trail and gravity versions. Eight new handlebars are available. The new M7 carbon bar and stem feature the company’s first use of the larger 35mm bar/stem clamp diameter.


M5 and M6 trail options

The new M5 and M6 handlebars are built for XC and trail
Courtesy ENVE

ENVE’s “trail-rated” bars and stems are built for cross-country and trail riding. They’re represented in the line-up with the 760mm-wide M5 and 780mm-wide M6 handlebars, both of which have 31.8mm bar clamps.

The $170 M5 is a flat bar with 9 degrees of sweep. ENVE claims a weight of 180g. 

The $170 M6 riser bar is available in either a 7.5 or 25mm height, with a 9-degree sweep and 5-degree rise. Reported weight is 195g. 

As for the stem, the $280 M6 carbon stem features a 31.8mm clamp, 6 degrees rise, and is offered in 40, 55, 70 and 85mm lengths. Weights range from 85 – 104g. 

UK, EU and AU pricing was not available. 

M7 and M9 gravity options

Enve’s M7 and M9 handlebars are gravity rated for enduro and downhill
Courtesy ENVE

Handlebars and stems rated for bigger, faster terrain are labeled “gravity-rated”. 

The $170 M7 bar is 800mm wide, is offered with a 10, 25 or 40mm rise, has a 8-degree sweep with a 4-degree rise, and a 35mm clamp. Claimed weight is 240g.  

Stetching a rangy 810mm wide, the $170 M9 bar comes with a 30 or 50mm rise, and the same 8- and 4-degree bends, but features a 31.8mm clamp. ENVE provided weight is 250g. 

The new 35mm-clamp $280 M7 stem is available in 35, 50, and 65mm lengths and has a 0-degree rise. According to ENVE, the M7 stem weighs 85, 92 and 99g, respectively. 

 UK, EU and AU pricing was not available. 

“A carbon-bodied mountain stem capable of handling the abuses of enduro racing represents engineering challenges on multiple levels. One, the stem must be exceptionally strong. Second, it needs to be lightweight and improve the ride,” said ENVE design engineer Blake Jensen. “While the benefits of the carbon stem are more subtle compared to the noticeable ride improvement of our carbon bars, the combination of an M Series handlebar and stem produces a lightweight cockpit with an unmatched ride feel.”

Bars can be trimmed, but not too much

Enve’s new M Series handlebars use a 35mm clamp
Courtesy ENVE

Measurement hash lines on the outer bar edges are included should a rider want a narrower bar, but ENVE notes it has reduced the number of cut lines to emphasize “the importance of proper stiffness and flex profile”. 

In short, ENVE doesn’t want riders cutting a handlebar down too much and losing the intended ride feel.


Orders for the new M Series bars and stems are being taken now.