ENVE gets fat with new 29+ rims

First look at plusser hoops from boutique, carbon specialists

ENVE, purveyor of lust-worthy carbon goodness has beefed up its wheel range adding a 29+ option to its pre-existing M60 Forty, plus sized line.


ENVE isn’t known for jumping onto new trends and it was only recently that it brought its clown shoe size, 27.5+ hoops to the market.  

Internal nipples may look super clean, but are a mechanic’s worst nightmare
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

The wheels are optimised for 2.8”-3” tyres and with their mammoth 40mm internal width, should give tyres a plump, squared-off profile once mounted up. The rims come in at a relatively shallow 25mm deep, which helps to keep the weight down to an impressive (claimed) 405g/rim.

ENVE boasts that its wheels are industry leaders when it comes to impact strength and like all rims in the ENVE M-series, the M60 Forty Plus features a hookless bead. This has long been known to improve impact strength without compromising a tubeless setup and given that the bead is a meaty 4.5mm thick, you can expect these to be a reliable set of hoops.

The wheels are very likely to be seen on rigid, mid-fat bike bikes like the Trek Stache 5 or Niner ROS 9 Plus, with tyres running at perilously low pressures, so this strength will be key.

The dropped channel in the centre of the rim is said to improve tubeless set up
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

ENVE has also carried over its catchily named ‘Moulded in Spoke Hole technology’ from its other rims. Most manufacturers drill their rims but ENVE actually moulds individual carbon fibres around the spoke and valve holes, maintaining the integrity of the fibres which makes for a stronger wheel overall.

As with all ENVE wheels, the M60 Forty Plus comes with a five-year warranty, and a lifetime crash replacement service is also available.

Saddleback were kind enough to crack open a set of the new plus sized wheels from ENVE
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

Pricing is still to be confirmed for the 29+ rims, but the 27.5+ version comes in at a heady £1,000 per rim, so you can expect it to be similar. Wheelsets are typically built custom, so pricing will vary. (US $975, AU unavailable)


Have you been waiting on luxurious carbon hoops for your plusser ride? What spurious excuse will you make to justify the purchase?

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