ENVE launches snow-shedding fat bike wheels, a gravel handlebar and more

New gravel-specific fork and fat bike fork round out new releases

ENVE has just released a new gravel fork with generous clearances, a wildly flared gravel handlebar and, quite unexpectedly, a premium fat bike fork and wheelset just in time for winter.


ENVE G Series gravel handlebar

The G Series Gravel fork is ENVE’s first gravel bar

The G Series gravel bar is ENVE’s first dedicated gravel bar, with an ergonomic shape and a generous flare in the drops.

The bars are extensively shaped for comfort, with the only circular section of the bars being the clamping areas.

As is to be expected, ENVE also claims to have weaved all manner of layup magic into the bars, tuning them to have a degree of bump-taming flex.

The bars are internally routed for either mechanical or electronic shifting and are compatible with a Shimano bar-end junction box.

ENVE G Series gravel handlebar specs

The bars are available in a number of different widths, with the specs as follows;

Width (C2C hoods, cm) Width (C2C drops, cm) Reach (mm) Drop (mm) Weight (g)
42 54 80 120 246
44 56 * * 261
46 58 * * 271
48 60 * * 281

The bars are only available in a 31.8mm clamp and the weights are claimed weights.

  • $350, international pricing TBA

ENVE G Series gravel fork

The new fork has clearances for tyres up to 50mm wide

ENVE has also developed an all-new gravel fork.

The fork is built around the flat mount brake standard and has clearances for tyres up to 50mm wide.

ENVE G Series gravel fork specs

  • Weight: 520g
  • Steerer tube length: 350mm
  • Rake: 50mm
  • Axle to crown: 395mm
  • Axle: 12mm
  • Max rotor size: 160mm
  • Max tyre clearance: 50mm
  • $550, international pricing TBA

ENVE Fat Fork

A fat bike fork from ENVE? Who would have thunk it

In an unexpected move, ENVE has also released a premium fat bike fork.

The fork carries over tech first seen on ENVE’s regular mountain bike forks, including the flippable chip that allows you to subtly change the rake — and thus, handling — of the fork.

The fork has clearances for tyres up to a monstrous 5.2-inches wide and uses a 15x150mm axle.

ENVE Fat Fork specs

  • Weight: 748g
  • Steerer tube length: 350mm
  • Rake: 42mm, 51mm adjustable
  • Axle to crown: 488.8mm
  • Axle: 15x150mm
  • Max rotor size:  203mm
  • Max tyre clearance: 5.2in
  • $625, international pricing TBA

ENVE M685 fat bike rims/wheels

The new wheels are claimed to be snow-shedding

ENVE has also launched its very first set of fat bike rims.

The monster truck-sized M685 rims are available in both 26- and 27.5-inch sizes with a whopping 85mm internal width.

The rims are tubeless-compatible, with a hookless bead design.

Interestingly, ENVE has shaped the rims with steeply angled sidewalls so that they will more easily shed snow compared to other designs.

They will also be available built as a complete wheelset, with the rims laced to IndustryNine Torch hubs.

ENVE M685 fat bike rims/wheels specs

26- and 27.5-inch available

  • Rim depth: 45mm
  • External width: 94mm
  • Internal width: 85mm
  • Hole count: 32
  • Recommended tyre size: 3.8–4.5in
  • 27.5-inch rim weight: 600g (claimed)
  • $2,800 for a full wheelset, international pricing and individual rim pricing TBA